Design Services

Accelerated Development ServicesAccelerated Development Services offers an array of in-house design services that help accelerate the transaction. Providing in-house design services creates a more collaborative design process, higher quality control standards and faster project turnover compared to working with outside consultants. Our team of experienced design professionals is committed to accelerating retail success.

By analyzing and incorporating zoning codes, CC &R’s, ALTA’s, assessor information, municipal codes, building easements, set-back requirements, existing building architecture, and parking calculations we are able to create a schematic with proposed buildings. This allows us to build a pro forma and determine the budget for the potential purchase of the site.

We also have the ability to provide LOD’s, elevations, and 3-D renderings. By incorporating the building signage, monument and/or pylon signs give a full picture to us and our clients. We also interface with the tenant’s design team, architects, engineers and construction team.

Accelerated Development Services


The advantage is that we are fast.

By blending our schematic with aerials we can do a relatively quick assessment of a particular site and determine the viability from a development perspective. We have numerous success stories where this service has allowed us to be the winning bidders for premium sites in impossible trade areas.


In a project’s initiation stage, it is important to look at all of the design constraints that will influence development decisions. We offer an underwriting process that can help a client make an educated decision quickly.

The following process illustrates how we work with clients to underwrite and market sites:
  • Underwriting
  • Site analysis
  • ALTA Review
  • Zoning research
  • Lot coverage
  • Parking and loading standards
  • Schematic layout
  • Marketing
  • Help tenant make smarter decisions
  • Site plans
  • Lease Outline Drawings
  • Elevations
  • Signage exhibits
  • Sign bands
  • Pylon signs
  • Monument signs
  • 3D renderings
  • As-built drawings
  • Area calculations & space planning
  • Customized traffic studies
  • Master planning

Other Services:

  • As-built drawings
  • Area calculations
  • Space planning
  • Customized traffic studies
  • Master planning